Anonymous Internet Surfing


Where on one side internet provides valuable information, becomes highly helpless when it comes to safety and privacy. I stress online security and anonymity in this article, and work around that is very successful for us and our family.


Every day we listen to the  stories of “Unknown Iweb-http-url-address-internet-online-wwwPs” port scans and attacks on personal computer that are not well protected, or even if protected you don’t even want to see right to use attempts in your logs, why should anyone even try to access your PC?. In such case there are work rounds that could make sure anonymity and safety online. We advise VPN connection to hide our real IP behind other servers IP and gateway.

What happens is you dial onto some of the numerous servers that are provided with a VPN account, one time connected, all your internet jump traffic goes through that server. So it’s like server’s IP is attractive the data you want and short-lived on that data to you on the back end, all in real-time of course. Therefore you hide you real IP and get secured. You don’t feel any kind of trouble or hindrance while connected with virtual private network setup, and it feels like you are browsing through your own default internet gateway. Internet speed is almost the same with you having a choice to connect to the server that provides the best speed.

Apart from safety, the VPN prevents all kind of intelligence work. Your ISP may be undercover work on you and recording all your actions, but you surely don’t want anyone to be familiar with where you go what you do when you’re online. So one time connected, the ISP goes blind of your online activity. Even when you are participating in open discussions online, blogging etc, there is always a chance for someone to get to know your identity, but again a VPN account comes to your rescue.

However there are some Internets provides that provide you quality along with protection like Ptcl internet, which always make sure the quality for their customers.



Five Habits 4G Wireless Internets Will Pick up Your Life

Connecting to 4G wireless Internet will improve your life in at least five ways. No matter what kind of mobile you have, as long as you live within a 4G area you will be able to take the Internet with you all around town.  With the recent introduction of the next generation of wireless Internet, what Americans came to expect from 3G was stepped up a few notches. Now, you can receive the same mobility that 3G provided for the first time alongside high speed Internet. What you receive is truly mobile Internet that is competitive with DSL and cable Internet speeds. As you receive it, you will see at least five improvements to everyday life.  Net speed test may be checked at any online speed test website which informs you how fast your internet service is. Here is what you can expect.

1.The most amazing thing about internet is that it is also available at you cell phones as well. Having cell phone you may use internet anywhere, especially on those mobile phones which are 4G or 4G enabled. With 4G or 3G mobiles you do not need to get worry about internet weak signals. Because it comes with full power towards your mobile phones.

  1. Science has made things easy for you. Just like mobile phones laptops may also used in the same manner as well. You may go anywhere with your laptop and you may connect with your wireless internet (if laptops is catching signals).You may also visit some common places for wireless internet like café shops, libraries, and stationary shops where the owners provide you free internet service.
  2. High speed internet that makes you more efficient, profitable, and competitive. If you use internet service at your mobile phone, then 4G offers great efficiency, in 4G networks you stay highly connected no matter where you are
  3. High connectivity for your personal life, giving you the Internet connection you need to stay updated on the whereabouts and happenings of all your friends on a regular basis. Staying connected to friends is made easier with high speed connections, allowing you to log onto your preferred social networking site anytime.
  4. The ability to stream movies, TV shows, and videos on your cell phone or laptop as you wait in line. Waiting in a line will never be the same again. City living often brings with it long lines, be it on your daily commute or at your neighborhood supermarket. Now, waiting at the doctor’s office can be made fun. Just connect to the Internet with your cell phone and stream your favorite TV show right there as you wait. 4G provides you the best internet speed in fact it’s the fastest internet service in Pakistan. Via 4G internet you connect with your friends at any time at any place. You may login to your favorite social networking sites with efficient speed. Connect to 4G internets as soon as possible in order to experience an obvious improvement in the way you move through the city even as staying connected .WE take the example of Ptcl speed test which shows good result every time. It’s one of the finest internet service in Pakistan.

Benefits From Wireless Internet Providers

Technology has highly developed from beginning to end time and people’s need for more rapidly and better internet connection has greater than before as well. And a lot of people will agree that the way internet connection can be achieved has changed considerably. Timed has changes now many people use internet at their home. They perform many of their tasks at home. They do not visit net café of a single task. Today, people can do a lot of work online and this is apart from of the location.  Different internet providers try to get away with their competitors by offering a wide array of services one of these is high speed wireless internet connection. More and more people are getting their internet connection from wireless internet providers because of the many benefits they are able to enjoy while surfing the internet:  Portability – This is maybe, the most benefit that customers find from wireless internet providers. Internet speed test show you how quick your internet is. All of us should know how fast our internet is.

People can now update their position, upload photos or videos on Face book at the same time as at their favorite coffee shop. Executives can for all time check important emails by using their smart phones even while on the road. Wives may perform any of their tasks by searching at their tablets or by using their mobile phones.  Connection Speed – Aside from the customers’ ability to connect to the internet wherever they go, they are also able to do this with great convenience. Most people don’t just need to view emails or check friends’ updates. They need send and receive emails, upload videos or photos on Face book, chat with friends or view movies while on the go. And these tasks can become dreadful if the internet speed is not reliable.  Easy To Connect Different Gadgets – When people opt for wireless internet connection, it means that portability and convenience is a few of their main concerns. By allowing people to connect their moveable gadgets such as smart phones, tablets or notebooks, they can have an easier way of doing tasks online without having to bring a laptop always.  Fewer Requirements For Technical Assistance , wired internet connections take much longer to be installed at homes or offices due to the cables that has to be connected to the computers. In offices or even homes, these cables can cause trouble when it has to be passed through broad walls or ceilings in order to get the computers connected.

Wireless internet providers offer great advantages with high speed internet connection. Many devices like tablets, mobiles, laptops were developing to connect people with wireless internet connection. And for gadgets that do not have a wireless network device, USB Wi-Fi adapters, Wi-Fi cards, PCI wireless adapters can be used to allow users of these devices to enjoy the benefits of wireless internet as well. With all of these potentials, portability and convenience can easily be reached by everyone, when it comes to connecting to the internet. It’s very important to have quality internet service like Ptcl internet, which is one of the finest internet services in Pakistan. Ptcl speed test always show you impressive results.

Most Popular wireless Internet Providers

When you notice that your wifi on, it means that the device is capable of browsing or surfing the internet in places where there the wireless internets are available. Where people use wifi internet most of the time are coffee shops, hotels, shopping malls, and libraries. Wi-Fi stands for wireless fidelity. Most of them will ask about the password key if you want to use their wireless internet. This password is set by the owner of the location. After getting password you would be able to use their internet. At home many people use internet through wifi. It’s very important to test internet speed once in a day. The advantage of using wifi internet is that many people connect to one internet connection the customary bones of contention are:

Reliability -There are many internet providers that may provide you high speed internet, but they may not maintain that speed for you all the time. Now days on one afford slow internet connection.

Range -accessibility is a big issue in choosing a wireless internet connection.There is few wireless internet providers that may provide you high speed internet even they keep it all the time. But there are certain locations where they are unable to provide their internet service.

Price –Now a day’s thousands of internet providers are available in the market. But the last and the most important issue for users is price. It’s also very important for the internet providers as well, if you want of increase your costumers. If.If internet will present their product with affordable price with good service then more people will come towards your product currently, the most popular internet service providers in the market are:

  • Telstra Big Pond • Vodafone Mobile Broadband • And 3 Mobile Broadband

Internet speed efficiency in your work and makes thing easy for you. We take the example of Dsl internet, which is among the top internet provider in Pakistan. They always make sure the quality of their internet. Dsl speed test always would be the  evidence for quality internet service.

UK Broadband Speed Factors and Comparisons

UK broadband speed varies wide across the country. The variations are based mostly upon the placement, variety of broadband and therefore the service suppliers, themselves. Speed relies upon association, transfer and transfer of data. Speed conjointly varies based mostly upon individual factors. All the factors close to assist provides a rough estimate of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland broadband speed.  The following list explains all of the factors that go into the ultimate results of broadband speed.  – Variety of Broadband. There are varied kinds of broadband connections. ADSL and cable are the quickest. Internet has become an important factor in our life.

Alternative varieties like satellite are slower, however still quicker than dial up. Even at the slowest rate broadband remains a minimum of ten times quicker than dial up connections.  – Service supplier. Some service suppliers will offer higher speeds. This could result to raised technology, instrumentation or location. Every supplier can list their ace speeds for subscribers to visualize and this can be a straightforward approach for an individual to make sure they’re obtaining the simplest speed potential.  – Net Traffic. The web is commonly said because the info road. The rationale for this can be that everyone the data on-line travels through lines that job very similar to Associate in nursing actual road. Once there are plenty of individuals on-line these lines get jammed and therefore the web runs slower than usual. These times are said as peak hours. Peak hours sometimes occur when seven am till nine pm on weekdays and every one weekend.  – Hardware. Hardware an individual uses, from modems to cables will result the web speed. If an individual is mistreatment superannuated or broken hardware then this can result the potency and within the finish, the speed of the association.  – PC. it’s up to the individual to form positive that they keep their pc running swimmingly. Every person ought to certify that they clean their net browsers history, temporary files and cookies on an everyday basis. This helps the pc to be able to work faster. Conjointly older computers don’t have the maximum amount memory and thus got to be clean additional typically therefore the web will run quickly. Ptcl speed test is one of fine example of quality internet. They always make the quality of their internet.

These four factors all close to form broadband speed arduous to pinpoint. One location might get greatly completely different results than another just because of the varied factors.  When gazing United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland broadband access speeds and every one the factors that may result them it’s straightforward to visualize why it suppliers can’t guarantee a speed. Several suppliers provides a vary of speed wherever the association speed can fall. Most users can seldom, if ever, get the highest speeds, thanks to the factors on top of. Even somebody can the simplest instrumentation, location and repair might not see the highest speeds as a result of some factors, like net traffic, can’t be controlled by anyone. Dsl is one of the best internet services in Pakistan.

Contemptible DSL Internet? – 3 Advantages

Which is your favorite web package? Several residential users opt for phone line or Digital connective service. It’s one amongst several high speed web monthly service plans you’ll take. Additionally, phone line is far a lot of acceptable for urban dwellers, though corporations are currently diversifying their coverage to rural areas. Usually, this is often a type of phone .Phone line transmission that native phone corporations offer. Today, it’s terribly simple to search out low-cost phone line web deals as a result of competition during this business is fierce. You may test your internet speed at any speed tester website.

www.speedtest.pkProviders of various styles of broadband networks are fighting to extend their market share and client base and this is often inflicting intense competition. In fact, several home users, together with those that board rural areas are presently enjoying broadband network connections via 3G wireless modems or a satellite dish. If you want to shop for the most cost effective phone line package out there nowadays, you’re headed on the proper path. For an inexpensive fastened monthly charge, you’ll be able to begin enjoying Associate in Nursing improbably high speed phone line web affiliation.  Despite that, it’s simple to feel confused or lost, considering that there are numerous totally different low price choices to settle on from currently. If you’re feeling undecided, browse the subsequent blessings related to cheap phone line web.  Ultra fast High Speed affiliation – If you usually perform serious uploading and downloading jobs, then phone line is far quicker than a conventional dial up web service. DSLs’ transfer speed is mostly between one.5 to fifteen Mbps (Megabits per second). Its average uploading speed will vary between a hundred and twenty to 768Kbps (Kilobits per second). Ptcl internet speed test is fine example of quality internet.

Once talking concerning the speed of the most cost effective phone line service, one should contemplate the assorted technologies. For example, ADSL or asymmetrical digital connective is that the most typical sort for home use. It uses commonplace phone lines to transmit uploaded and downloaded knowledge, at a digital rate. Note that almost all of information measure is reserved for downloads whereas uploads utilize the rest. There ar different sorts, like SDSL (Symmetrical digital subscriber line) that has equal transfer and transfer speeds typically required by business phone line customers for top volume information transfer. Different less common phone line sorts embrace VDSL and HDSL. The foremost vital factor you would like to understand is that low-cost phone line web speeds vary reckoning on the sort of arrange you buy. Generally, cheaper phone line service plans can offer less broadband speed. Talk On the Phone whereas on the web – this is often an excellent advantage that a cheap ADSL affiliation mechanically offers. If somebody calls, you’ll be able to answer and speak whereas continued to use the web, one thing you can’t do with dial up connections. Hassle Free Installation – does one suppose phone line is impressive? It’s so, particularly as a result of installation isn’t advanced or too costly. Even so, you may have to be compelled to rent a technician to try to it. Generally a technician will install it on recent phone lines. In most cases, though, technicians advocate a brand new cable installation as a result of the older phone lines may well be incompatible. You may even be able to get a rebate or discount on the phone line installation prices reckoning on current phone line supplier promotions. The phone line electronic equipment may be connected to your laptop via USB or a regular local area network affiliation. The last word phone line web affiliation can embrace the provider’s instrumentation connected to a wireless router sanctionative broadband phone line web on multiple computers, laptops and web capable devices like video games and iPods in your home or workplace. Dsl speed test is also a good one. In Pakistan most of the people using Dsl internet service.

Comcast Internet – A Great Way to Amplify Speed and Hoard Through Bundles

The problem: we would have liked to extend our web speed, and wished to require advantage of higher bundles for phone and high definition TV at a decent value. The solution: we tend to switched to Comcast web, and bundled services. we tend to found that the reliableness, web speed, and choice of programs overall was superior to something in our space. Once yearning for web service suppliers in your space, you will find some blogs that enable you to enter your postal code and check to visualize what major carrier’s square measure accessible. That approach you’ll be able to compare costs, speeds, and services facet by facet, and see what the simplest cut price is for you. Internet speed test is fine very important for all the internet users.

We tend to like the thought that the Comcast affiliation is quicker for the money than most telephone circuit services, and combined with glorious phone voice service, unlimited long distance, and in fact, an excellent choice of TV channels for TV, change was very a no brainier for US. Comcast has a web speed that’s a quicker, clearer affiliation than telephone circuit, as a result of its part transmitted through fiber optic cables that will increase speed and lessens distortion. You do not would like Phone Company to urge web service with this technology. Of course, it is simple to try to what we tend to did, and obtain the complete baseball play bundle. Ptcl internet provider is very famous among the people of Pakistan. Because they always make sure the quality of their internet.

We tend to found it absolutely was the simplest worth for our cash, with however we tend to use the service. We tend to square measure continually on the net, continually on the phone, and like to have top quality TV to relax with within the evening. Sorting out the simplest deal for yourself may be a sensible plan, and might be done through review websites that connect you to the service supplier websites. Generally you’ll be wanting the quickest web however basic TV, generally you will not wish phone, and generally you’ll be wanting all 3. Comparisons build it straightforward to actually make out wherever the bargains square measure, and the way they profit you. It is also a decent plan to appear into however long the contract is before you sign up the line to urge the low value. We do not set up on change any time shortly, therefore a contract was pleased with US, however if you progress usually, you’ll wish to appear into choices with no contract or a lesser time. For us, the upper web speed is best, as a result of we tend to transfer video and music plenty, and use the net for secure functions like banking and searching. We tend to love having speed, and therefore the security that comes with it. Our family is often sharing photos, videos with digital camera, and staying involved with social networking. Our web affiliation gets an effort; therefore it’s to be dependable, safe, and secure. We’re terribly pleased with our Comcast service, and very love the power to mix high speed web with our selections in TV programming. Dsl internet is one of the best internet services in Pakistan.