What is a Proxy?

A Proxy Server (or Proxy) is a computer program, software, or website that when activated will allow you to connect to the port of the serving computer. This is beneficial because when you are connected to the Proxy, your IP (as well as your other personal information) is hidden.

For example, say you are visiting a site that tracks its visitors with cookies, installs spyware on your computer, or worse is a haven for hackers.

If you access this website directly with your computer, unscrupulous people can wreak havoc on your pc and have a field day with your personal information. They can install programs that you never intended to download, track your IP address, spy on your surfing habits (and begin to bombard you with junk email, solicitations, and all forms of nasty spam), and even monitor your computer activities to better target you with their schemes. A Proxy can spare you from this. Once you are connected to the Proxy, your IP address is hidden. This is called “anonymous surfing” and by surfing in this manner, you can rest assured that all of your information, surfing habits, and IP address are untraceable.

There are different types of Proxies and they all have different functions and capabilities. As mentioned above, you can download and install a Proxy program that connects you to another computer’s port. This is referred to as: Proxy Software.

Another type of Proxy is the Web Based Proxy. These are by far the most common and popular. To use a Web Based Proxy, you do not need to download or install additional software or applications. Simply visit the website and enter the URL that you would like to view. By using this type of Proxy, you will bypass a direct connection with the intended website and view the site under the Web Based Proxies IP address. Some of the advantages of using Web Based Proxies include: the ability to surf the web by turning off certain applications, remove cookies, remove scripts, and disable banners and ads. Many people agree that Web Based Proxies are the easiest and most effective to use. There are however problems with Web Based Proxies as well. To start, if you are using a web based proxy to bypass security, the security system will eventually crawl into your history and block the actual proxy website. Although no one will ever know what websites you actually surfed through it, it will be blocked from further use. In addition, you may not surf secure web pages through the proxy. Secure pages realize that you are surfing through a proxy and simply do not let you enter.

Open Proxies are Proxy Servers that have been left open to the public. An open proxy is different from a web based proxy in that you receive just an IP Address which you have to enter into your browsers settings. If you are looking to use a proxy to bypass network security, you are out of luck. Security programs (mainly those that are installed in school and work networks) block you from adjusting your browsers settings. Using an open proxy is less secure than using a web based proxy, but it does give you more freedom. Open proxies are generally used internationally for illegal activity while web based proxies are used for bypassing network security software. Using an open proxy also has risks. Those who intend to track the activities of Internet surfers may leave a Proxy open intentionally. The problem occurs because you have no idea who left the Proxy open, or why they did. Government officials often leave Open Proxies as traps for people using them for illegal activities.The simplest way to tell if a Proxy is open or closed is whether or not you connect to the Proxy through one IP address or several. Also, look for proxies that require a username and password to ensure that they are closed.

Proxies offer many benefits. For those who wish to surf the web without fearing that their steps are being monitored, watched, or that their privacy is being infringed upon, Proxies are an essential tool in providing that security and subsequent peace of mind. Using a proxy is a great way to make sure that you are surfing with the security and anonymity that you require.To sum up, proxies are the “middle man” between you and your destination. Open Proxies are not very secure but are more convenient and give more freedom than web based proxies do. A Web Based Proxy is a proxy installed on a website. Although it may be less convenient surfing through another website, it is more secure and practical. Generally, open proxies are used internationally to perform illegally activity or to mask ones IP to one from the United States. Web Based Proxies are used to unblock websites through school and work computers.



Ptcl introduce Dsl Economy Package

Recently Ptcl announced their economy  Dsl package to their customers will  offer fast internet  with low price to their customers.

This new economy package will enable to their customers to experience Ptcl broadband internet  only for Rs 499 inclusive to download up to 10 GB.If you use more than your volume the 100 rupees for per GB will be charged, while after 20Gb the package will become unlimited for you.

aaaThe Executive Vice President of Ptcl said  that we introduced this package according to the needs of the users.The users will be quite happy to accept this offer.

Package info

10 Gb  volume will be provided to you in this package.After  using available volume, you will  pay 100 rupees for   1Gb.Over all charges will be 1500.which makes your package unlimited after 10 GB.all upfront and any other charges will be taken according to current policy.

Such kinds of offers will insist other competitors to introduce such kinds of offers if they really want to stay in the market as a good service provider.

For further information please click here

Internet Service – Wireless Vs Wired

Internet has taken an important place in our life. There are different things that we use at daily basis like face book, Gmail, and twitter. These are the things that donot exist without internet.


First home access to the internet was via modems and telephone infrastructure. At that time speeds were adequate for websites that are available. Later on they replaced this technology with Dsl technology which increased the volume and speed. Now the latest development is fiber cables, which provides you the fastest internet speed to a single person. Now it’s possible for any internet user to have speed like 1 GB after connecting to the optical. (Internet speed may be checked at any online speed tester website like Dsl speed test may be checked at speed test.pk, which is one of the best speed test website).

The massive change in the internet is wireless internet access for the user. Having such kinds of internet you may connect many people from a single connection with the help of wifi device. This allows over 100 MBit/s.

For average users who uses internet just for fun not for any kind of work, there would be no big difference for them to access the two ways of internet. However there are some vital aspects to need to be check before deciding that which technology is best for you.

Wired internet provides constant bandwidth to single user or internet service provider.ISP is the backbone that makes sure you internet speed that you will be able to gain. It provides you permanent connection. This is extremely important when you need reliable connection which will be available from outside.

The major difference of wireless internet access is that it uses radio channels to transfer data. This channel keeps limited capacity, which has to be share with many users. Although we have many channels available but those channels also depend open the number of users and their transfers. And the most essential thing is that this connection is not permanent. There is no guarantee that it will stay as it is. The range in the radio frequency possibly will change other users may start using the similar point but little change in the antenna may decrease your internet speed.

Use Better Internet Service like Satellite Internet

According to latest research a single American spend 2.5 hours of personal time for per day. There is no doubt about it that some spend far more time and some spend far less time. There are some other factors as well. With 2.4 hours is for each day or for each weeks and what type of internet connection they have and persons age etc.Broadband speed test may also be checked at different speed tester websites, which will tell you the uploading and downloading speed of your internet connection.


Well the stats are in; it seems that uses of time even as online stand as follow:
some of the most common works for online users are news, travel books, getting healthy information, jobs, purchasing new products and checking emails etc.

If a person has a bad internet connection, it means they are going to spend more time accomplishing fewer tasks. Because internet service is taking time to perform specific task. In rural areas where cable internet could not reach, there you have no choice when it comes to internet provider. The most amazing thing is that people are finally able to solve the cable dilemma the same way as they solved for TV, by switching to satellite. At satellite broadband connection, you will be able to perform all tasks as you did at dial up or any other internet connection.

To perform any specific task it’s very important to have a quality internet service. Because if you have quality internet, its means you are able to perform any task within no time. Dial up may be an affordable, easily accessible alternative to broadband internet. However satellite internet is still no one  choice for internet users. In Pakistan one of the most used internet connection is Ptcl internet, which provide you best internet connection .Ptcl speed test may be checked at any of online website.

Profit of High Speed Internet Connection

Internet (Inet) is turn out to be an essential part of our life. We create use of internet to get in stroke with our relations member and associates, for commerce purpose, for online shopping, for in concert online games, for research, etc. Gone are the days of slow speed dial-up internet connection as additional and more internet service providers are providing high speed internet connection.  If you are facing harms like slow inet speed or frequent disconnection on your obtainable internet connection, you need to switch over to high speed internet connection such as cable internet or wireless internet. You should research well while searching for a reliable internet connection.  On a reliable internet examine supplier website you will be provided with a variety of inet connection option such as rope internet, DSL, wireless internet, mobile broadband and satellite internet and correspondence from leading provider like Comcast, Verizon, AT&T,  Sprint, Hughes Net, etc.Its  very important to keep an eye an your internet speed test. We should know our internet speed is.


Different internet service provider provides the clientele with wide range of internet packages. The option is so enormous that you will go from side to side a rough time choosing a dependable internet connection. If you do not does research healthy, you may end up choose a wrong internet plan or internet connection that may not provide you with the promised speed? Moreover, there are many scam sites on the internet that lure people with too good to be true internet plans. Hence, you need to be careful and go through all your options carefully so that you can make correct decision.  You can even test your inet connection speed before you decide upon availing a new net connection through the internet test speed. The test will let you know your upload and download speed which will eventually help in understanding how good your inet connection is. While trade a high speed internet connection it is important to check the download and upload speed. Ptcl speed test is a fine example of quality internet service. All the internet services should be like Ptcl internet. Another important thing to keep in mind while business an internet connection is to check how trustworthy is the purchaser support and technical assistance team. The tech support team should be recognizable with all kinds of problems and help you quick solution when on earth you get in stroke with them. Most of the internet service providers provide 24 x 7 scientific chains to make sure their client get 100% satisfaction.  If you have a far above the ground speed internet connection, you will be able to download enormous files from the internet within seconds or minutes. Dsl   is one of the most used internets in Pakistan. If we take the example of Dsl speed test we will see that it will show always good internet result.

Satellite Internet Speed is Faithful Speed

Satellite Internet service is trustworthy high-speed relations for computers that agree to the computer user all of the compensation on the Internet, devoid of a telephone or cable. That earnings it is a service that can be used in country areas for a high-speed connection that is trustworthy an adequate amount of to use for the home office or a small commerce.  The way that settlement Internet service works is by having a settlement dish installed that is made for the Internet, because it must both send and take delivery of data. This has the ability to send and take delivery of this data in .048 of a second, which makes it dependable speed that does not have the same evils that other services have. Internet speed test is very vital for all the internet users; they should know the quality of their internet.

www.speedtest.pkThere are no telephone lines that can become aged, damaged, frayed or otherwise broken and disables the broadband service until crews can repair the lines. Subversive cables suffer the same problems and that also resources there can be down time. Satellite Internet service is different, the largest problem that can cause it to slow down is when the sun passes by the large dish that is just about 220,000 miles above the Equator and the yearly down time is less than one percent. Ptcl internet is one of the fine internet provider in Pakistan, as we can that Ptcl speed test also show us that why thousands of people involving in it at daily basis.

This is a trustworthy service and at the identical time it can be used in the most remote areas, which is a large benefit for the person living in the suburbs or in a rural area. It also means since it is a high-speed connection that the central processing unit user can view videos, use VOIP programs and play on game sites. These are things they would not be able to do with a slower relation that is the customary way for people in these areas to connect to the Internet.  Many of the things on the Internet require speed and are some of the most visited sites and most used programs, like the video sites where it is probable to learn how to cook a special meal or listen to a favorite song the length of with a video.

Then there are the VOIP programs where it is probable to have a telephone numeral and take delivery of calls over the Internet that can be answered using a telephone prepared with a USB cord or with a headphone. It is also possible to call out to ordinary telephones and for an important person calling other countries it can be much cheaper.  There are also the television system sites that have full programs that can be viewed; banking that can be done, public sale sites where the high-speed connection can mean the difference between winning and losing an auction, because it is possible to get the last bid in on the item.  This is all for the reason that of the broadband association that has the speed that is needed to do these things on the net. Slower associations do not have the power that is wanted to run videos, VOIP armed forces and games with all of the latest graphics. What makes it special is satellite Internet can be used in any area, the city, the outer reaches or the kingdom. Dsl speed test is also a fine example of quality internet service. It’s very vital to have a quality internet service to bring efficiency in your work.

Keep an Eye on your Internet

Monitoring net speed could be a counseled approach to determinant if the speed you’re paying for from your net server supplier (ISP) is truly what you’re receiving on the bottom. totally different completely different} ISPs have different infrastructure and also the speed you, as a user, can get for a similar transfer package from a pair of totally different completely different} ISPs might be considerably different. Additionally, the standard of the lines your ISP offers also are an element in several net applications these days. Skype and different VOIP phones need not simply a minimum speed however a top quality line that permits your calls to be delivered swimmingly.  If you reside overseas and surf principally yank websites, you’ll want to observe net speed within the place you surf the online. If you’re having issues together with your affiliation speed and decision your ISP for facilitate, they’re going to walk you thru testing your affiliation against their servers in your country. This is often fine and well if you’d solely be surfboarding sites in your country however the general public surf sites wherever the servers area unit within the United States. detain mind that even though a number of the sites you visit area unit from your own country, they will alright be sitting on servers within the United States thus you need to perpetually check your net speed against servers in America.  There are a unit several free sites were you’ll be able to monitor net speed.

network cables connected to switchGoogle “internet speed test” or “bandwidth test” and plenty of sites are displayed. Opt for one thing with a simple to use interface. To run the check, confirm that each one application on your pc area unit closed which nobody on your network is exhausting the information measure by downloading or victimization an online intensive application. Choose a server within the location you’d prefer to check your speed against. If you’re in France, you’ll wish to check your speed against a server in Bean town. The check can begin by checking your transfer speed and can afterwards check your transfer speed. These numbers ought to be divided by one, 000 to match them to the speed you’re meant to be receiving from your ISP. For instance, a transfer speed of one500 kbps equals 1.5 Mb transfer speeds per minute. Don’t shut your browser whereas the check is running. If your results don’t seem to be up to snuff, you’ll wish to check your speed once more at a special time of day. Running many tests throughout the day can provide you with an honest plan of your overall net speed. Its very vital to keep good internet, if you want to bring efficiency in your work like Ptcl speed test show us that it provides you the best internet service.