Anonymous Internet Surfing


Where on one side internet provides valuable information, becomes highly helpless when it comes to safety and privacy. I stress online security and anonymity in this article, and work around that is very successful for us and our family.


Every day we listen to the  stories of “Unknown Iweb-http-url-address-internet-online-wwwPs” port scans and attacks on personal computer that are not well protected, or even if protected you don’t even want to see right to use attempts in your logs, why should anyone even try to access your PC?. In such case there are work rounds that could make sure anonymity and safety online. We advise VPN connection to hide our real IP behind other servers IP and gateway.

What happens is you dial onto some of the numerous servers that are provided with a VPN account, one time connected, all your internet jump traffic goes through that server. So it’s like server’s IP is attractive the data you want and short-lived on that data to you on the back end, all in real-time of course. Therefore you hide you real IP and get secured. You don’t feel any kind of trouble or hindrance while connected with virtual private network setup, and it feels like you are browsing through your own default internet gateway. Internet speed is almost the same with you having a choice to connect to the server that provides the best speed.

Apart from safety, the VPN prevents all kind of intelligence work. Your ISP may be undercover work on you and recording all your actions, but you surely don’t want anyone to be familiar with where you go what you do when you’re online. So one time connected, the ISP goes blind of your online activity. Even when you are participating in open discussions online, blogging etc, there is always a chance for someone to get to know your identity, but again a VPN account comes to your rescue.

However there are some Internets provides that provide you quality along with protection like Ptcl internet, which always make sure the quality for their customers.



New Year’s Reflections on Wireless Internet Innovations

As every New Year begins, millions of Americans reproduce on the past year and on how they can improve their lives in the upcoming years. January offers everyone the perfect occasion to seem back and to look forward at the same time, and even though most people use up their time thinking about how they’ve developed, many other things change over the years as well. Technology is one of the things that develop quite quickly, and many people are surprised by just how quickly it changes. It’s amazing to look back and think that just a few years ago, wireless internet was absent, and it’s both difficult and exciting to look onward and question what the future holds for different technologies. One thing that is clear, however, is that Wi-Fi is attractive much more general and greatly shaping the way nearly every unlike type of technology grows. Internet speed test may be checked at speed, which is free tool for all the internet users. After using this tool you will be able to judge the current status of your internet.

From the past decade, wireless internet has slowly become built-in in many different technological gadgets. Ten years ago, life shape able to connect to the internet without wires was a reality that only just anybody could believe, but today, people expects to have Wi-Fi service nearly everywhere. As Wi-Fi technology became normal in so various different technological gadgets, many businesses, schools, governments and housing properties found it essential to provide Wi-Fi capabilities on their properties. People utilize this technology to a great extent, which many of them can’t imagine living without it.

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Within the past few years, Wi-Fi technology has evolved still more as the fourth generation of it has been developed and released. Originally, this fast technology was available in America’s most occupied areas such as New York. Today, however, 4G technology has increase to communities all over the country including places like Abilene, Texas and Charlotte, North Carolina. Fortunately, residents in those cities no longer have to wait for today’s most modern technologies. 4G internet services is the fastest and most dependable wireless repair accessible. Internet speeds are four times faster than with other wireless services, which is amazing nearly everyone can be grateful for. Of course that kind of speed scares many people because they take for granted it is something only the wealthiest people can afford. In realism although, monthly plans for this great service start at as little as $1 each day, which is much less than many people use up when they pay for Wi-Fi service in public sitting room. Instead of expenditure more than a few dollars for slower Wi-Fi right of entry at a cafe or hotel, you can basically get a monthly plan with the best service that will allow you to connect from anywhere. Mobile air cards make it possible for Americans to get internet access at any location where they manage to find a cell phone signal (which is pretty much anywhere these days).Ptcl internet is one of the best internet service in Pakistan. Ptcl speed test will give you the guaranty of quality internet.

What is a Proxy?

A Proxy Server (or Proxy) is a computer program, software, or website that when activated will allow you to connect to the port of the serving computer. This is beneficial because when you are connected to the Proxy, your IP (as well as your other personal information) is hidden.

For example, say you are visiting a site that tracks its visitors with cookies, installs spyware on your computer, or worse is a haven for hackers.

If you access this website directly with your computer, unscrupulous people can wreak havoc on your pc and have a field day with your personal information. They can install programs that you never intended to download, track your IP address, spy on your surfing habits (and begin to bombard you with junk email, solicitations, and all forms of nasty spam), and even monitor your computer activities to better target you with their schemes. A Proxy can spare you from this. Once you are connected to the Proxy, your IP address is hidden. This is called “anonymous surfing” and by surfing in this manner, you can rest assured that all of your information, surfing habits, and IP address are untraceable.

There are different types of Proxies and they all have different functions and capabilities. As mentioned above, you can download and install a Proxy program that connects you to another computer’s port. This is referred to as: Proxy Software.

Another type of Proxy is the Web Based Proxy. These are by far the most common and popular. To use a Web Based Proxy, you do not need to download or install additional software or applications. Simply visit the website and enter the URL that you would like to view. By using this type of Proxy, you will bypass a direct connection with the intended website and view the site under the Web Based Proxies IP address. Some of the advantages of using Web Based Proxies include: the ability to surf the web by turning off certain applications, remove cookies, remove scripts, and disable banners and ads. Many people agree that Web Based Proxies are the easiest and most effective to use. There are however problems with Web Based Proxies as well. To start, if you are using a web based proxy to bypass security, the security system will eventually crawl into your history and block the actual proxy website. Although no one will ever know what websites you actually surfed through it, it will be blocked from further use. In addition, you may not surf secure web pages through the proxy. Secure pages realize that you are surfing through a proxy and simply do not let you enter.

Open Proxies are Proxy Servers that have been left open to the public. An open proxy is different from a web based proxy in that you receive just an IP Address which you have to enter into your browsers settings. If you are looking to use a proxy to bypass network security, you are out of luck. Security programs (mainly those that are installed in school and work networks) block you from adjusting your browsers settings. Using an open proxy is less secure than using a web based proxy, but it does give you more freedom. Open proxies are generally used internationally for illegal activity while web based proxies are used for bypassing network security software. Using an open proxy also has risks. Those who intend to track the activities of Internet surfers may leave a Proxy open intentionally. The problem occurs because you have no idea who left the Proxy open, or why they did. Government officials often leave Open Proxies as traps for people using them for illegal activities.The simplest way to tell if a Proxy is open or closed is whether or not you connect to the Proxy through one IP address or several. Also, look for proxies that require a username and password to ensure that they are closed.

Proxies offer many benefits. For those who wish to surf the web without fearing that their steps are being monitored, watched, or that their privacy is being infringed upon, Proxies are an essential tool in providing that security and subsequent peace of mind. Using a proxy is a great way to make sure that you are surfing with the security and anonymity that you require.To sum up, proxies are the “middle man” between you and your destination. Open Proxies are not very secure but are more convenient and give more freedom than web based proxies do. A Web Based Proxy is a proxy installed on a website. Although it may be less convenient surfing through another website, it is more secure and practical. Generally, open proxies are used internationally to perform illegally activity or to mask ones IP to one from the United States. Web Based Proxies are used to unblock websites through school and work computers.


What Can I Do With 100Mbps Fiber Optic Internet?


As the Federal Government’s proposed National Broadband Community (NBN) helps make its way throughout Australia, lots of Australians will be thinking what the excess velocity can do for them.

With tremendous-quick world-wide-web, accessible to the extensive greater part of Australians, there are a couple factors we will be in a position to do superior, and there will be a lot of advantages we haven’t even considered of nevertheless. Broadband speed test may be at, which is best online speed tester website.


Improved interaction as a result of online video conferencing and transferring substantial information are an apparent reward. With a quickly, dependable broadband connection obtainable in more households, additional men and women will be capable to work from residence and reduce down on corporate travel. Cutting out the commute would make improvements to website traffic congestion and consequence in lessen carbon emissions, as nicely as releasing up extra time for many Australian workers.

With an ultra-speedy relationship, more companies and families will begin using the world-wide-web to make VoIP phone calls, preserving dollars in the process. Remote communities will be extra related, assisting rural towns contend with metropolitan places. For family members, a fast relationship will help numerous folks to use the exact same connection at the same time with no loss in top quality. With quicker world wide web speeds, dad and mom can stream their favorite TV clearly show while the little ones play on the internet game titles or make free phone calls. A more quickly relationship will not only make function and home existence easier. Instruction and health are two parts in which a 100Mbps connection could make a huge variation. On the web research is a growing market and a more quickly relationship will help more individuals to gain new skills in their possess time. For elderly people today, or these with a continual health issues, a speedier broadband relationship will allow health professionals to give online consultations, or watch an affected individual in their individual household alternatively of admitting them to hospital. We mention the example of one of the quality internet service like Ptcl, which is the best internet service in Pakistan. Ptcl speed test always show good results to their customers. Or we take the example of Dsl speed test as well, which in fact best internet service in South Asia. Dsl is always making sure the quality of their internet.

Common Job Seeker LinkedIn Mistakes

When it comes to the job search, Social media has become a pre-dominant tool in the job seeker’s tool box. This is because out of all the Social media sites, LinkedIn is undoubtedly the most popular, as it is primarily used for career development and can therefore be more classified as a Professional Network. LinkedIn is also extensively used by recruiters and hiring managers to find top talent, so you continually have an opportunity to showcase your skills, achievements and personality by effectively using this media.

In October of 2011, we published a blog post titled “How to Use Your Network When Job Hunting”, and LinkedIn took center stage. We also published “5 Common LinkedIn Mistakes” in May of 2013, but we wanted to highlight some additional issues we have seen. However, be advised that LinkedIn has different etiquette rules than Facebook or Twitter because the purpose of LinkedIn is to make professional connections rather than social ones. The most common LinkedIn mistakes we see people make include the following:

1.) Selfishness: When was the last time you selflessly endorsed someone on LinkedIn? Especially since you just worked with a great project manager or an incredible Study Coordinator – why haven’t you given them a recommendation on LinkedIn without requesting anything in return?

2.) Laziness: Have you fallen into the trap of only making connections when you need something? Your effectiveness will be compromised if you wait until you need a job and send mass invitations, you will then reek of desperation. You should be continually working on building and nurturing your network, as your professional colleagues want to help those who help themselves.

3.) Strategy: Do You Have One? When building a good network, it means hand-selecting people who can benefit you professionally (and you them). It certainly isn’t about the size of your network, but the quality of your connections. You should be taking advantage of developing your network through referrals, colleagues, and team members. Don’t forget to leverage your existing network by sending tailored invitations requests to 2nd or 3rd LinkedIn connections.

4.) Inappropriate Behavior: LinkedIn is not YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook. LinkedIn, as a Professional Network building platform, is used to connect people to potential hiring managers, employers, customers, or clientele. You need to remember that you are building your personal brand in every interaction and once you put something in writing, it is in stone. ALWAYS maintain your professionalism. Check your spelling, your grammar, and above all else, ALWAYS use your brain.

5.) Are you paying attention to the details? We see individuals consistently missing opportunities to build their brand on LinkedIn in two areas.

· First: Have you participated in LinkedIn Today? Are you overlooking discussions going on in your current network? A great way to connect to thought leaders and participating in ongoing discussions and sharing articles is to join their networks. This type of quality activity will drive traffic to your page and can bring hundreds of new connections!

· Second: How special do your future colleagues or hiring managers feel when they get the standard “I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn” invitation when you use the generic connection request?? Personalize your request, and make that prospective client or boss appreciate the value you bring to the table and therefore be incented to accept!

Ptcl introduce Dsl Economy Package

Recently Ptcl announced their economy  Dsl package to their customers will  offer fast internet  with low price to their customers.

This new economy package will enable to their customers to experience Ptcl broadband internet  only for Rs 499 inclusive to download up to 10 GB.If you use more than your volume the 100 rupees for per GB will be charged, while after 20Gb the package will become unlimited for you.

aaaThe Executive Vice President of Ptcl said  that we introduced this package according to the needs of the users.The users will be quite happy to accept this offer.

Package info

10 Gb  volume will be provided to you in this package.After  using available volume, you will  pay 100 rupees for   1Gb.Over all charges will be 1500.which makes your package unlimited after 10 GB.all upfront and any other charges will be taken according to current policy.

Such kinds of offers will insist other competitors to introduce such kinds of offers if they really want to stay in the market as a good service provider.

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Internet Service – Wireless Vs Wired

Internet has taken an important place in our life. There are different things that we use at daily basis like face book, Gmail, and twitter. These are the things that donot exist without internet.


First home access to the internet was via modems and telephone infrastructure. At that time speeds were adequate for websites that are available. Later on they replaced this technology with Dsl technology which increased the volume and speed. Now the latest development is fiber cables, which provides you the fastest internet speed to a single person. Now it’s possible for any internet user to have speed like 1 GB after connecting to the optical. (Internet speed may be checked at any online speed tester website like Dsl speed test may be checked at speed, which is one of the best speed test website).

The massive change in the internet is wireless internet access for the user. Having such kinds of internet you may connect many people from a single connection with the help of wifi device. This allows over 100 MBit/s.

For average users who uses internet just for fun not for any kind of work, there would be no big difference for them to access the two ways of internet. However there are some vital aspects to need to be check before deciding that which technology is best for you.

Wired internet provides constant bandwidth to single user or internet service provider.ISP is the backbone that makes sure you internet speed that you will be able to gain. It provides you permanent connection. This is extremely important when you need reliable connection which will be available from outside.

The major difference of wireless internet access is that it uses radio channels to transfer data. This channel keeps limited capacity, which has to be share with many users. Although we have many channels available but those channels also depend open the number of users and their transfers. And the most essential thing is that this connection is not permanent. There is no guarantee that it will stay as it is. The range in the radio frequency possibly will change other users may start using the similar point but little change in the antenna may decrease your internet speed.