Ptcl introduce Dsl Economy Package

Recently Ptcl announced their economy  Dsl package to their customers will  offer fast internet  with low price to their customers.

This new economy package will enable to their customers to experience Ptcl broadband internet  only for Rs 499 inclusive to download up to 10 GB.If you use more than your volume the 100 rupees for per GB will be charged, while after 20Gb the package will become unlimited for you.

aaaThe Executive Vice President of Ptcl said  that we introduced this package according to the needs of the users.The users will be quite happy to accept this offer.

Package info

10 Gb  volume will be provided to you in this package.After  using available volume, you will  pay 100 rupees for   1Gb.Over all charges will be 1500.which makes your package unlimited after 10 GB.all upfront and any other charges will be taken according to current policy.

Such kinds of offers will insist other competitors to introduce such kinds of offers if they really want to stay in the market as a good service provider.

For further information please click here


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