Internet Service – Wireless Vs Wired

Internet has taken an important place in our life. There are different things that we use at daily basis like face book, Gmail, and twitter. These are the things that donot exist without internet.


First home access to the internet was via modems and telephone infrastructure. At that time speeds were adequate for websites that are available. Later on they replaced this technology with Dsl technology which increased the volume and speed. Now the latest development is fiber cables, which provides you the fastest internet speed to a single person. Now it’s possible for any internet user to have speed like 1 GB after connecting to the optical. (Internet speed may be checked at any online speed tester website like Dsl speed test may be checked at speed, which is one of the best speed test website).

The massive change in the internet is wireless internet access for the user. Having such kinds of internet you may connect many people from a single connection with the help of wifi device. This allows over 100 MBit/s.

For average users who uses internet just for fun not for any kind of work, there would be no big difference for them to access the two ways of internet. However there are some vital aspects to need to be check before deciding that which technology is best for you.

Wired internet provides constant bandwidth to single user or internet service provider.ISP is the backbone that makes sure you internet speed that you will be able to gain. It provides you permanent connection. This is extremely important when you need reliable connection which will be available from outside.

The major difference of wireless internet access is that it uses radio channels to transfer data. This channel keeps limited capacity, which has to be share with many users. Although we have many channels available but those channels also depend open the number of users and their transfers. And the most essential thing is that this connection is not permanent. There is no guarantee that it will stay as it is. The range in the radio frequency possibly will change other users may start using the similar point but little change in the antenna may decrease your internet speed.


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